Abruzzo strong and gentle.

The lush and enveloping is what sets the Abruzzo region, a land of Parks (Abruzzo, Gran Sasso and Maiella) and villages shaped by centuries of history: L'Aquila, Sulmona, Teramo are just a few examples. And after castles, ancient churches, hermitages and sanctuaries, rich offer is also on the coast, a succession of beaches, pine forests, cliffs and headlands. A unique experience, to be crowned with the succulent cuisine of Abruzzo.


Agriturismo La Rustica - mare

133 kilometers of coastline, along which alternate with golden beaches and cool pine forests, cliffs, headlands and coves of pebbles polished by the surf, sandy beaches and lively fun or solitary bask in peace: the sea in Abruzzo is all this , with the added charm and proverbial hospitality of the Abruzzo region.
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Agriturismo La Rustica - montagna

The mountains of Abruzzo is a fascinating destination for everyone. The part of the regional territory, its history, its cultural, artistic, archaeological and environmental features more strongly this region. The mountain loves those who know how to live it with emotion, with respect, freedom. Among the great variety of environments encountered you can experience moments of true emotion. 'll Be spoiled for choice among the many possible places.
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Agriturismo La Rustica - laghi

It 'amazing to discover the mountains the small natural lakes, set like gems, changing colors from blue to green to gray, which are reflected in the clear sky and the peaks of the highest mountains of the Apennines., There are also equipped beautiful trails for mountain biking or hiking. During the summer, along the shores of some lakes you can rent chairs, small boats and pedal boats, in others you can make excursions by boat.
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Agriturismo La Rustica - parchi

The Abruzzo region is the heart of tourism with natural corners of paradise, with green areas, lonely valleys, walls and canyons, waterfalls and vast plateaus and protected areas where the holiday becomes an experience to try in all seasons each with its own colors, its landscapes its fragrance.
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Agriturismo La Rustica - castelli

Another of the characteristics of Abruzzo is the high number of old castles that are seen springing up everywhere. It can be said, indeed, that there is no country, dominant top, pass or promontory that does not have its tower, its castle, its fortified enclosure. The historical reasons are simple: a long period of danger, inside and outside, which forced every community to provide for their own defense, but what interests us most is today's result, which makes the Abruzzo the largest and most comprehensive museum to Italian 'open architecture of military ...
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Agriturismo La Rustica - borghi

A wealth of fantastic monuments of art, culture and traditions. The past lives of middle-class city, rich in history and architectural features, with an urban structure is not distorted, with a chorus and a stratification of the housing built that give more meaning and quality of life. Abruzzo, with twenty-one countries in the Club of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, is a journey through enchanted places, where s'avverte the color of weather and mysterious sound of the old.
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Agriturismo La Rustica - musei

In addition to famous places such as the fortress of Calascio, the stunning old town of Pescocostanzo, the National Archaeological Museum in Chieti, the massive sixteenth-century castle of the Eagle and excite the traveler dozens and dozens of lesser-known wonders, scattered in every corner of the region. The restoration of churches and castles, arrangement and enhancement of archaeological sites and monasteries, the birth of small and large museums and visitor centers of the new Parks, make a list of things to see you stretch every year.
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